Advisory Board


I. Functions of the Advisory Board

The Advisory Board ensures the close integration between the academic/scientific research centre for family enterprises and the practice. It also facilitates contacts between the FoFamU and family enterprises, and promotes the international networking of this research centre.

The concrete tasks of the Advisory Board include:

  • Proposals on topics of high practical relevance constituting subject matters of the annual research program (“impetus from the practice”)
  • accompanying of the scientific research projects and the events (“dialogue with family enterprises”)
  • communication of the competence of the FoFamU to family enterprises (“mouthpiece for family enterprises”)

II. Structure of the Advisory Board

  • The Advisory Board consists of personalities with a great practical experience in the management and/or control of family enterprises.
  • The Advisory Board can elect a chairman (spokesman) from among its members.
  • The Advisory Board  meets at least once a year.

III. Members of the  Advisory Board

The members of the Advisory Board are introduced in the area “Members”.

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