Organs of the association are the board and the meeting of members.

1. Meeting of members 

The meeting of members is the supreme decision-making body of the association. It meets at least once every calendar year and is responsible for the: 

  • Appointment and removal of the board
  • Nomination of honorary members
  • Exclusion of members
  • Verification of financial management
  • Amendment to statutes
  • Dissolution of association

2. The board

The board is composed of the chairman and vice chairman, the treasurer and up to four committee members who are entitled to vote. The board conducts the business of the association as well as its external business relations. Predominantly the board is responsible for:

  • Implementing decisions of the member’s meeting
  • Asset management, especially granting the equipment with funds and material resources to FoFamU
  • Other matters, unless it affects exclusive competence of the meeting of members
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