Tasks/ Competences


Importance, features and particularities of family enterprises

  1. Family enterprises play an important role in the German and European economy. They make not only a significant contribution to both the training of workers andthe creation and the preservation of jobs.
  2. Following features are characteristic for family enterprises:
    • the operational management and / or the strategic development of the company are determined by one or more family (ies)
    • sustainability
    • value-oriented action
    • long-term thinking (generations)
    • high degree of societal and social responsibility
  3. In family enterprises, the company itself, the entrepreneurial family and the company management are closely interrelated. This initial situation hides a special conflict potential, as the converging interests are opposed. The changing judicial and economic frame conditions sharpen these conflicts even more. The new inheritance tax law shows this.  

Tasks of the Research Centre for Family Enterprises


Expert Consulting of Family Enterprises


Decision-making in the family business and family influence on committees on corporate governance

  • formation and function of a family advisory board
  • right to obtain information and participation of the board members
  • liability of the board members
  • precaution to avoid conflicts in an entrepreneurial family

Company Law and the Entrepreneurial Family

  • Company Statutes and matrimonial law, e.g. effectiveness of remarriage clauses in a partnership agreement
  • Company Statutes and inheritance law, e.g. redemption/recovery clauses inpartnership agreements for certain cases of succession

Company Management and the Entrepreneurial Family

  • Company management and inheritance tax, e.g. problems of the payroll clause
  • Corporate governance and family governance, e.g. possibility of women´s promotion at the level of governance rules

Workshops on important legal and economic issues


For Employees of Family Enterprises:

  • current problems of balancing
    (IFRS  for SMEs)
  • management of foreign companies in the Asian region
  • importance of the consumer protection rules to enterprises

For Members of Family Enterprises:


  • seminars on accounting
  • requirements of a professional ownership

Conferences on current and fundamental topics of family enterprises

  • possibilities of a dialogue between family enterprises and professors of the FoFamU
  • a forum for family enterprises in order to introduce themselves to students who thanks to the supplemental education in economics for lawyers, often choose to work in family enterprises
  • opportunities for students to get to know family enterprises better

Competences of the Research Centre for Family Enterprises

  1. The members of the FoFamU are renowned experts in the following areas:
    • banking and finance law, derivative financial instruments (Prof. Dr. Schäfer)
    • human resources and management studies (Prof. Dr. Kühlmann)
    • German and international commercial and economic law(Prof. Dr. Lange, Prof. Dr. Leible)
    • German and international tax law (Prof. Dr. Loritz, Prof. Dr. Möstl, Prof. Dr. Windthorst)
    • inheritance law (Prof. Dr. Lange, Prof. Dr. Loritz)
    • questions regarding the medium-sized industry (Prof. Dr. Eymann, Prof. Dr. Schlüchtermann)
    • company law (Prof. Dr. Lange, Prof. Dr. Leible)
    • governance law (Prof. Dr. Lange, Prof. Dr. Windthorst)
    • IT-issues (Prof. Dr. Eymann)
    • Mergers & Aquisitions, management of foreign companies, esp. in the Asian region (Prof. Dr. Meckl)
    • national and international accounting (Prof. Dr. Fülbier)
    • public commercial law (Prof. Dr. Möstl. Prof. Dr. Windthorst, Prof. Dr. Wißmann)
    • production management and industrial economics (Prof. Dr. Schlüchtermann)
    • foundation law (Prof. Dr. Lange, Prof. Dr. Leible)
    • strategic management and organization (Prof. Dr. Bouncken)
    • consumer law (Prof. Dr. Schmidt-Kessel)
    • competition and cartel law (Prof. Dr. Lange, Prof. Dr. Leible)
  2. The members of the FoFamU are professors of outstanding academic excellence who also work closely with lawyers, tax consultants and auditing companies.
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